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Move From Hubspot to WordPress
in Just a Few Swift Steps!

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They are 100% reliable. When they migrated the sellordiepodcast.com blog from Hubspot to WordPress, I was really nervous that it wouldn't look the same or as good. It turned out great and Dave even provided a little tutorial for the team. We're going to have migrate two more websites in the next few weeks and I have complete confidence in him.

  • Emily Journey
    Emily Journey & Associates

    Why Migrate From Hubspot?


    • Onboarding Cost: None
    • ECommerce : WooCommerce (internal)
    • Plugins/Extensions: 60,000+ plugins
    • Ease of Use: Novice - Expert
    • Flexibility: Open Source & Scalable


    • Onboarding Cost: $600-$5000
    • ECommerce : None (external)
    • Plugins/Extensions: Limited
    • Ease of Use: Expert
    • Flexibility: Proprietary & Restrictive

    WordPress has become the most flexible and supported platform to build and maintain websites. With over 17 million websites running WordPress and over 48,000 plugins and extensions, it offers comprehensive functionality and scalability at a fraction of the price of Hubspot.

    Although the cost savings are usually enough to justify the move from Hubspot to WordPress, there are many more benefits that come with the migration.

    Hubspot started out as an all-in-one CRM and CMS, providing tools for site and campaign management such as landing pages, analytics, form and contact building.

    Since then, WordPress has caught up if not surpassed Hubspot in features available built-in, as well as through plugins and themes at a fraction of the cost while retaining 100% control of your website and content. Enjoy the flexibility to add the functionality you need for your website through plugins instead of paying absurdly high monthly costs for features you’ll never use.

    Sucessful Migrations







    What We Offer


    Since WordPress allows full access to the code and back-end, there are many more available options to improve performance and load times.


    All your blog posts, pages, tags, authors and archive listings will be appropriately redirected with 301 redirects to ensure you retain your 'link juice'.

    Theme Building

    We can rebuild your new site to match the look and feel of your existing site, or start fresh with a brand new site. Your content will remain fully editable.

    Privacy & Security

    We understand the significance of privacy and security of your content, so we handle all content and migration services in house.


    You can rest asured that all existing SEO meta data such as meta descriptions, title tags, image alt tags will be migrated over to your new site.


    Schedule the migration of your new site in advance.

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    Ready to move?

    Start your migration from Hubspot today. Just fill out our short form and leave the rest to us.


    Save up to $2,400 every month (for Enterprise users) by simply making the switch to WordPress! Why be locked down to a limited and niche service when you can do the same and more by moving from Hubspot to WordPress? Get exactly the features you want through plugins and stop paying for features you’ll never use in Hubspot!

    Full Control

    Have full control of your website, from the code to the database. Unlike Hubspot, WordPress is 100% Open Source, so you full have ownership and access to the code that makes your website tick.

    Remove or add code to make your website truly yours. Host, backup or move your site whenever and wherever you’d like.

    Post Migration Services

    Blog Posts

    Don't have time to blog, or run out of ideas? We offer professional blog writing and content creation services at a competitive price.

    Speed Optimization

    Site taking too long to load? We can optimize your code, settings and assets to ensure your site is preforming optimally.


    Host your new website on our servers which are specially optimized to host Wordpress & WooCommerce sites! We'll even do DNS changes to ensure a seamless transition.

    Ongoing Web Development

    Need a hand fixing something unexpected? We're here for you; from debugging an unforseen error message, editing page templates, or repositioning the menu.

    WooCommerce Setup

    We offer complete WooCommerce setup, from configuring pricing and taxes to shipping, delivery and confirmation emails.

    SSL (HTTPS) Setup

    Having a valid SSL cert. is almost a must for gaining trust, especially so for eCommerce stores. Don’t have one yet? We can help.